Morphological Analysis

MORPHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS This technique depends on the fact that any object (or concept) may be classified along a number of dimensions; by colour, shape, function, method of construction and so on. Consider for example, a common brick, it is oblong, made of clay, opaque. But in theory its shape could be spherical, square, interlocking, it […] Continue reading →

Technological Forecasting

TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING The term technological forecasting is applied to a group of techniques which have been developed in recent years. In fact, the term is a misnomer, for the techniques are used in forecasting situation other than the future state of technology; as well as forecasting social patterns and economic activity and suggesting new products […] Continue reading →

Advance Your Blogging Productivity With My Yahoo!

Advance Your Blogging Productivity With My Yahoo! After your blog’s construction phase, there is clearly an ongoing work on the maintenance and traffic generation, but comparatively lesser time spent on sourcing and writing of articles. Particularly when unique content is proposed as one of the traffic generators, sourcing becomes the most visible part to save […] Continue reading →

Organization, Problems and Future Plans

ORGANIZATION The highest authority in the company was the Board of Directors, which was made up of shareholders or their representatives. Prior to 1973 the Board appointed a Managing Director from within its ranks. He was responsible for the recruitment and employment of staff and daily running of the Company. The other high officials such […] Continue reading →